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LED 360 Photobooth.

Our main goal is to always make your event guests say WOW.

If we aren't blowing their minds, we aren't doing our jobs. The 360 Video Booth is already amazing, but we've found a way to take the WOW factor up a notch.

Check out our brand new LED 360!!!

The platform your guests will stand on has a mind blowing 3 dimensional LED effect that needs to be seen to be believed!!

Your guests will stand on the 3D platform. An arm with a camera attached to it will then spin around recording you having the time of your life. The recorded video can the be shared immediately via text or email.

The LED 360 Video Booth is the hottest thing out right now.

Call us now at (240) 472 4569 to book this awesomeness for your next event.

Pricing  - $300 per hour with a 3 hours minimum.
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