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3D LED Dancefloor.

Sometimes WOWing your guests is simply not enough! Sometimes, you want to leave them confused with amazement! We are taking the dance floor somewhere where nobody has ever taken it before.


Max Powers is taking the event dance floor somewhere absolutely NOBODY in the DC/MD/VA area currently can (This means that your crowd is guaranteed to have never seen this one before)

Introducing our brand new 3D Infinity LED dancefloor!!! What is it you ask? It is a dancefloor with LED lights in it.

Infinity trails of light can be seen from the top of the dance floor, creating an amazing 3D effect that needs to be seen to be believed! Since the dancefloor are LEDs. The are completely controllable. They can change colors and patterns to the beat of the music.


They can be programmed to change colors and patterns at particular times during your event. They have a starlight feature for that romantic dancing in the sky look. They are waterproof. Generate absolutely no heat. Sturdy, Shatterproof plexi-glass.

Can support up to 3 Tons.

They are simply just out of this world unique!. Perfect for Corporate events, Product announcements, Car Shows, Fashion runways, Weddings, Birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Band Stage, Nightclubs and much more!!


***Our maximum capacity is currently 24ft by 24ft*** 
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