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Dj FAQs.

You take your party seriously!!...

As well you should. Most of the comments you are going to receive after your event is going to be about the music. You want people to call you the day after your event to tell you how tired they were from dancing so hard all night. That's where I come in. I take your event just as seriously as you do, and I always make it my mission to make sure EVERYBODY at your event have a GREAT TIME!!!.

  • What type of music do you play?... OR... What type of event is your specialty?
    I am one of very few DJ's that can be comfortable doing almost any type of event. That is why I call myself the 'Ultimate DJ'. I don't specialize in one or two music genres. I specialize in more than 20 of them. I can rock pretty much any kind of event.
  • Can we meet before the event?
    Yes we can. I desire to make your event a success as much as you do. I'm more than happy to lend a hand in the planning process.
  • Do you do weddings?
    Yes. I've had the privilege of being the DJ (and MC) at more than 75 weddings a year for the last 10 years. I take the time to work diligently with the clients on things such as specialty songs, time line, name pronunciation e.t.c. MC services will not cost you extra. Its free!
  • Do you have a contract. Are you insured?
    Yes. There is a comprehensive contract that specifies all the obligations of the client and the DJ. I am also fully insured. Up to $1 million Geico Liability certificate can be provided upon request.
  • Do you have Contracts, Invoices and Receipts?"
    Yes. As soon as I receive the go-ahead from you about booking. I will email you a contract and invoice for the 50 percent retainer payment. There will be a receipt sent with every payment. The invoice for the balance will be sent 2 weeks before your event date.
  • I'm having a small party in my basement. Is that too small of an event for you?
    Oh no. There is no event too small. I do everything from small gathering(less than 30 guests), to large events (over 500 guests) . Each event receives the same exquisite service.
  • What kind of equipment do you have? Do you have back ups?
    I have back ups for every single equipment I bring to your event: I will also be setting up the best of the best DJ Speakers, Wireless microphones, Controllers, Laptops, Subwoofers e.t.c for your event. The chance of your event not having the absolute best sound and lighting is simply out of the realms of possibility!
  • How far do you travel?
    I've done events in places as far as Las Vegas and Texas. I'm based in Maryland, but I'll travel to anywhere in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York.
  • Do you play GOGO Music?
    Oh yeah!!. 95% of these so-called disc jockeys in the area don't even know what GOGO music is. I'm one of only a handful of DJs in the area that not only play GOGO, but stays updated on all the new stuff from ALL the bands. I spin the latest from bands like AAO, BYB, CCB, TCB, XIB, HIB, NEW IMPRESSION, JYB, LISSEN, EU, REACTION, XIB, RARE ESSENCE, CHUCK e.t.c.
  • I want the DJ at my event to get the crowd hyped, OR I want a laid back DJ. Can you adjust your approach to accommodate this need?."
    Absolutely. Every event is not the same, so I don't approach it as such. Sometimes an event requires a laid back classy DJ, and sometimes it needs a DJ that get the crowd hyped up. I have the flexible personality to handle both situations with ease.
  • Can you provide a replacement if you get sick or have an accident on the event date?
    Yes. I have never missed an event due to illness or any other reasons. However, I do understand that accidents do happen. I am part of a network of DJs . In a very unlikely event that I can't make it to your event, A competent replacement will be available.
  • When is the best time to call you?
  • Why should we hire your services over others?
    Thats simple. My services are better. My music selection and range are way more extensive than any other DJ service provider. I see a lot of DJ services claiming to be 'wedding specialists'. That makes absolutely no sense. All that means is that their music selection, versatility and range are all very limited. They've probably been playing the same music at weddings for the last 20 years. They probably only do weddings because they only have to make the crowd dance for about a hour and half. These are the same DJ services that will charge you $2000 for a wedding. That is appallingly ridiculous!!!. If a DJ charges you $2000 for a wedding, you need to make sure that he helps set the tables, teach the crowd to dance, cater and serve the food ,clean up at the end and drive the limo. Charging over $2000 for a wedding is just too much. My rates are much less. When it comes to music at your event, its better to have it, and not need it than not to have it at all. You need a DJ versatile enough to keep a crowd dancing for 8 straight hours. You need a DJ versatile enough to do Grandpa's corporate event on Thursday, Mom and Dad's anniversary on Friday, Son's wedding on Saturday and the daughters sweet 16 on Sunday. You need the services of DJ MAX POWERS . Hire me today for your event, and you will not regret it.
  • Do you take requests during the party?. If we have a special song and we want to burn it on a CD or bring an Ipod, Would you be able to play it?"
    Yes to both. I love taking requests during my set. It doesn't disrupt the flow of my mix at all . I can incorporate requests into my set very easily. As a DJ, you can never predict what the people at a party are going to like. I always bring all my collections to every event for this reason. If you have a song you want to burn on a CD, I have absolutely no problem playing it.
  • OK.....OK...OK Max. I've seen one of your shows, and I've checked out your references. I'm interested in booking YOU. If I book my event with your company, am I going to get YOU or some other run of the mill DJ?."
    I've heard of situations where people book their events with a DJ service and not receive the DJ they thought they were going to get. I've seen it first hand too. I was djing a Sweet 16 in a Marriott in Va in the summer of '10. Right across from my ballroom was another Sweet 16. They hired a DJ agency and what they got was a 'wedding specialist' complete with the Tux, bowtie and stomach girdle. Needless to say, the party was a dud. By the middle of the night, ALL( and I do mean ALL) of the guests at his party were dancing in my ballroom. When you hire DJ Max Powers, thats exactly who you get. When you call, you talk to ME. When you email, you get a reply from ME. When we meet, you meet ME. When the DJ arrives for your event, that DJ will be ME
  • Do you have the clean version to your songs?​​
    Yes, I do
  • Hey Max.....Why does your smile always look the same in all your pictures?​
    Why tamper with perfection?!

Book Dj Max Powers.

 I'm sure your Wedding DJ Search has Sucked so far.
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