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The Gorgeous Ambiance Uplighting adds to a room has to been seen to be believed!

Nobody will remember the food at your wedding reception. Nobody is going to remember the priest at the wedding. Nobody will remember the alcohol at your wedding reception. 

The three things people will remember is How the bride looked. How good the music was, and how great the location did/didn't look 
Now, David's Bridal is a good place to go for the bride's dress, However I am definitely the one to call about the other two. You can create the perfect ambiance without spending all your hard earned money with Uplighting. 

Uplighting gives you the opportunity to create an absolutely gorgeous, and romantic ambiance in your wedding reception ballroom. It is pretty much painting the walls in a color of your choosing with LED lighting. When your guests walk in, words and phrases like WOW!, Amazing!, Magical!, Beautiful!, Are you kidding me?! are all you are going to hear


Contact me now to inquire about how I can transform your wedding reception ballroom with absolutely gorgeous uplighting 

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